Seven years ago, we departed from one of esports’ biggest franchises — today, we’re back. After extensive negotiations with NRG Esports, Evil Geniuses is happy to announce that we’re acquiring both their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster and their spot in the ESL Pro League. The team is already on the ground for ESL ONE New York, and will be competing under the EG banner…

Over the last several months, we have spent considerable time exploring opportunities to re-enter CS; this has varied from considering building a team from scratch to venturing outside North America entirely. However, when NRG’s lineup began assessing their options, we knew that this talented roster would make an amazing fit for EG.

Since their roster solidified in July, NRG’s roster ranked as one of the top 5 teams in the world, according to’s world rankings. Captained by Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz, the team’s recent results speak to their potential: a 3rd place finish in this year’s BLAST Pro Series: Los Angeles was followed by a 3rd/4th place finish at the 2019 StarLadder Berlin Major. Victories in Berlin against other top-flight CS:GO teams such as Team Liquid, Astralis and Natus Vincere have proven that they are extremely capable on the global stage.

It is EG’s 20th year as an esports organization, and a huge part of that legacy is our success in Counter-Strike. I’m elated to be able to guide EG back into victory in that space after some time away; the franchise has proved that it deserves its cemented legacy as a competitive, crowd-pleasing esport.

CS is one of the spaces our fans have asked us to re-enter the most, and we’re happy to bring a touch of Evil back to the scene and its supporters — our roster is extremely enthusiastic to hit the ground running and uphold the EG brand, and we’re going to be putting our best foot forward this weekend.

— Nicole LaPointe Jameson, Evil Geniuses CEO

EG CSGO’s first ESL ONE New York 2019 match begins this afternoon at approximately 2:35PM EST. We’ll be doing coverage on the EG Twitter and on-the-ground stories from our Instagram, and you can join our Discord server for all the up-to-date results and notifications of when we’re live.

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