With the conclusion of the Black Ops 4 competitive cycle approaching, Evil Geniuses would like to address our future in regards to competing in Call of Duty. We’ve enjoyed competing in COD under the Evil Geniuses name for years, and unfortunately, we won’t be bringing the EG name to the forthcoming CWL Pro League 2020 season, or competing under the banner of any of the city-based franchises.

Recently, we’ve put in a lot of work in defining what Evil Geniuses’ priorities are for the future. Our main focus is very literal: we want to keep developing a strong Evil Geniuses brand that is capable of supporting all our projects.

We’re extremely proud of the work that we’ve been able to put into Call of Duty, and our results within the space. We’d like to thank our players and staff for their dedication and effort — we’ll be making sure that they continue to participate in Call of Duty through new homes, and other opportunities. We’d also like to thank the fans that have been passionate about the title, as without their support, our success would not be possible.

Thank you, and bleed blue.

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